"I LIKED to sing" when I started my singing lessons with Ayako as my teacher. In a short while, it changed to "I WANT to sing this, and that, and more and more!". It's because Ayako's teaching skill is extraordinary. Her class is comfortable and fun. That gives me a natural enthusiasm for learning classical music.
K. O. (Singing student)

I have been learning piano for about 4 years. 
I actualluy had another piano teacher before, but I changed my teacher to Ayako-sensei.
Her lessons are very strict, but fun at the same time.
The way she teaches is very detailed but easy to understand. She doesn't just teach the basics, but expands the way the songs are supposed to be.
I also came in 1st place in the concert group category for Kiwanis Music Festival. I was very proud of myself! But I think I won because of Ayako-sensei.
I am sure you will have a good experience with Ayako-sensei. 

A. O. (Piano student)