Thank you for the beautiful music morning and afternoon!

It was a beautiful day to spend a time with you all at the Shaugnessy Heights United Church today.
I admire all of your hard work and great support from your families and friends.
Looking forward to witnessing your musical development more and more!

Please note, our next recital is Saturday November 23 2024 at 4:30pm.


Singers and Pianists!

Choir Singers!


May Concert for my pianists and singers!

 Saturday May 25 2024


11am Main concert for pianists

12:15 Choir Recording and some solo singers

2pm Main concert for singers and some pianists

Shaughnessy Heights United Church

1550 West 33rd Avenue

Vancouver BC

11am Pianists

Clara W. (Duet with Fumi)

J. Rousseau: Go tell aunt Rhody

German Folksong: A Little Fox

Nova N.

Mexican Folksong: Clap hands

F. Schubert: The Trout  (Duet with Kanako)

Isabella C.

E. John: I just can't wait to be king from the Lion King

J. Brahms: Lullaby (Duet with Pascal)

Leilani P. (Duet with Ayako)

W. Mozart: Romance from Eine kleine Nacht Musik

K. Lopez: Remember me from Coco

Maya T.

S. Joplin: The Entertainer

J. Williams: Hedwig's theme (Duet with Ayako)

Felicity. P

A. Vivaldi: Spring from Seasons (Duet with Ayako)

J. Pachelbel: Canon

Miyako F.

R. Sherman: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

S. Kotecha: What makes you beautiful from Mary Poppins

Eleanore C.

L. Beethoven: Country Dance from the Symphony no.3 (Duet with Rosina)

Scottish Tradition: Auld Lang Syne

Laila H.

German Tradition: Festival Dance

J. Thompson: Fairy Harp

Jamie H.

S. Foster: Oh Susanna

J. Clarke: Prince of Denmark's march (Duet with Ayako)

Beatrix G.

N. Faber: Night of the Tarantella

N. Faber: Lunar Eclipse

Felix G.

B. Berlin: March of the Goblins

Portugal. the man: Feel it still

Karin H.

F. Burgmüller: La Chasse

A. Menken: Under the sea from the Little Mermaid

Ema T.

F. Burgmüller: Tarantelle

Sixten G.

J.S. Bach: Menuett

F. Burgmüller: Ballade

Rosina M.

D. Kabalevsky: Clowns op.39, no.20

Y. Nakada: A Winter Melody

Dylan F.

J.S. Bach: Minuet

F. Burgmüller: La Chevaleresque

Kyle Z.

F. Chopin: Nocturne in C sharp minor op.posth. / KK IVa 16

Anna T.

M. Nakajima: Threads of destiny

--------------Group Photo for all pianists----------------

At 12:15

Solo singers and Choir

Keiko O.

V. Bellini: Se Romeo t'uccise un figlio from I capuleti e I Montecchi

Mizuho U.

F. Schubert: An die Musik

Yoshino N.

G. Bononcini: Per la gloria d'adorarvi

Sachiko K.

G. Martini: Piacer d'amor

Apple Choir- Aiko, Chiharu, Etsuko, Kanako, Keiko, Masa, Mizuho, Noriko, Rei, Sachiko, Tomoko, Yoshino

L. Beethoven: Chorus from the Symphony No. 9

----------------Group photo for the Choir-------------------

At 2pm - Solo Singers and Pianists

Lina R. (Piano)

L Beethoven: For Elise

F. Burgmüller: Le courant limpide

Rei M.

G. Puccini: Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore from Tosca

Eva S. (Piano)

L. Einaudi: Una Mattina

L. Einaudi: Bella Notte

Maya D. (Piano and voice)

C. Schönberg: Castle on a cloud from Les Misérables

Phoebe S.  (Voice)

T. Swift: I knew you were trouble

Leah B.  (Voice)

A. Menken: Part of your world from the Little Mermaid

Maya D.  (Voice)

D. Parton: I will always love you

A. Menken: Part of your world from the Little Mermaid

----------------------Group Photo for all singers and pianists------------------

Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival 2024!

 Sunday April 7 2024


Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival 2024

Garry Point Park in Steveston, Richmond BC

I'm going to perform some Japanese Folk Songs with Aiko and Masa, for the Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend!


Traditional: Sakura Sakura

R. Taki: Hana

Traditional: Zui Zui Zukkorobashi

K. Murai: Tsubasa wo Kudasai

All non accompanied.

Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival Official site: