Mar 10 The 3rd Benefit concert for the victims of Japanese Tohoku Earthquake at West Point Grey United Church
We had 40 musicians, and raised $761. It was a great concert, with a variety of music and performers. Thank you for coming and joining us. I appreciate our volunteers, including photographers Yoshinori Tanaka and Masumi Snyder.

Mezzo Soprano - Ayako Komaki
Piano - Vanessa Wong,  Pipe organ - Hiroki Uchino

Harmonia: Violin - Phillis Ho, Viola - Teresa Lee, Cello - David Powell

Mezzo Soprano - Heather Horwood, Piano - Chihiro Honma 

Koto - Kozue Matsumoto, Yuriko Nariya 

Voice Trio: Heather Horwood, Ayako Komaki, Kathy Fitzpatrick
Clarinet - Janine Oye

Mezzo Soprano - Kathy Fitzpatrick, Piano - Chihiro Honma

Harp: Honoka Shoji, Miya Otake 

Guitar: Eiichi Ishikawa

Musicians from the 1st half
Musicians from the 2nd half

Buk(Korean Drum): Donghyok Im, Songhyok Im

The Choir: Rei Miyamoto, Mika Yasutake, Keiko Ookawa, Kiko Eccleston, Maria Niiro-Foster, Yuko Yasutake, Chris Jacques. Directed by Ayako Komaki
Piano - Kirika Blaine
Piano - Louis Grenier
Mezzo Soprano - Keiko Ookawa, Piano - Ayako Komaki
Piano Duet: Ina DeWeerdt, Isaac DeWeerdt
Piano - John Fan
Tenor - Moritaka Matsumoto, Piano - Beverly Leung
Guitar - Thomas Lee
Piano - Xavier Macrae
Piano and Voice - Sara Olia
Piano - Amato Masaki
Mezzo Soprano - Maria Niiro-Foster, Piano - Ayako Komaki
Piano - Winston Shin
Mezzo Soprano - Yuko Yasutake, Piano - Ayako Komaki
Soprano - Rei Miyamoto, Piano - Ayako Komaki

 A big thank you to the Volunteers!

May 4 - 6 Japan Chamber Choir chorus workshop and performance in Dogo, Japan
It's been a long time since I was an active member of Japan Youth Choir and World Youth Choir. It was nice to see old friends and new members. Singing with them inspired me, I definitely learned a lot!

May 11  The 3rd Geino Kai at L'esprit Francais in Kugenuma Kaigan, Japan

I had a great time again in Fujisawa with my families and friends. We enjoyed full of art and music! We had many different styles of performers. It is always fun to make music together.
Flute - Ryoko Domen, Piano - Ayako
Nagauta Shamisen - Yasue Oonakada
Jazz Piano - Hironori Kojima (left)
Soprano Duet - Tove and Ayako, Piano - Masaaki Fukuda (left)

My solo singing programme with Gen Fujimoto's piano was...
Henry Purcell : Fairest Isle
Eric Whitacre : Kala Kalla 
June 8 An Evening of Music at Broadmoor Baptist Church

Each student had improvement in piano, and had some stories at the piano students' recital. I really appreciate that the other piano teachers invited us to the concert. From left to right : Mimi Ho, Vanessa Wong and Natalia Myles

Mezzo Soprano - Ayako, Piano - Mimi Ho

A. Vivaldi : Esurientes implevit from Magnificat

F. Schubert : Die Forelle

'Good job!' to all of my piano students and my thanks to their families for their support!

July 6  Singers' Camp 2013 in Kamloops

Our choir members travelled to Kamloops in July 2013.
Singers' camp 2013 was the first camp for our choir members. We focused on music all day together, from morning through to the night. Choir members had opportunities to soak themselves in music!
Each singer had one lesson, duet singers also had two additional lessons. The Choir had four lessons together.
It was fun to have a day together. We had music, good food and good times were had by all!
We graciously thank our host, Niiro-Foster family!
The "Singer's summer concert" was the final event of "Singer's Camp 2013" in Kamloops.
Mendelssohn : O for the wings of a dove
Her singing always tell us a story.
Meyerbeer : Donnez, donnez from "Le Prophete"
She accompanied my singing later, it was my first experience to be accompanied by my student. Thanks, Maria!
Gounod : Ave Maria
This "mom and daughter duet" made their debut performance. Congratulations!
In quelle trine morbide from "Manon Lescaut"
Butterfly's entrance from "Madama Butterfly"
She sang Puccini's opera aria with passion!
Monteverdi : Venite, sitientes
Rossini : La Pesca
All singers and pianists at Kimura house!

Photography by Noriko Tidball.

 November 23  Winter concert for pianists and singers at The Silk Purse Arts Centre

 This is one of our annual student's concerts. All pianists and singers have been practicing songs for this day. Good job to all of my piano and singing students! We also had, for our first time, a small opera performed concert style. Opera "Hansel and Gretel" is a famous story from Andersen, and is showed often for Christmas season especially in Germany. It was fun and exciting to make a scene from the opera.

December 8 Christmas concert at George Pearson Centre
We came back with pianists this year!
Thank you for coming, it was great to have all musicians, residents, families and staff 
at George Pearson Centre.

December 10  Christmas Carolling at Vancouver General Hospital
This is becoming our annual event! We can't count how many songs we had sung there;)
Good job, singers!