Sunday March 1 My singing students joined a concert at Orpheum Theatre with Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Two of my students' choir members joined this event, "A Japanese celebration". We had a couple of practice and I sent them out to a joint rehearsal. The NAV Chorus, which I've been giving a voice training, offered me kindly to invite my singing students into their group. Thank you, NAV! My students had a good time and they definitely enjoyed!

Saturday March 28 2015 An Evening of Music for Pianists

It was a great evening concert! You did great job, I really enjoyed each of your performances. What I like the most is all of my students are unique, and always give me a surprise and pleasure. Thank you all parents for your support!

Sunday April 12 2015 Singers' Spring Concert

Well done, singers!
Wednesday July 1 2015 Canada Day Picnic and Charity Concert
This was a fundraising event for the Delta Hospital Foundation. Nice day on the Deas Island in Delta.
Canada Day Programme:
O Canada
O, Waly Waly (with a Harpist, Miya Ootake)
Zui Zui Zukkorobashi
So ran bushi
Hymn to Freedom

Thank you for all your hard work, singers!

Masa Nishila, Chris Jacques, Chihiro Honma, Mariko Hattori, Mizuho Uenaka, Atsumi Spinelli, Rei Miyamoto, Midori Seo, Aiko Nishili, Noriko Tidball, Keiko Ookawa, Maria Niiro-Foster, Rod Asher

Sunday July 12 2015 The 4th Geinokai at L'Esprit Francais

Saturday July 25 2015 Morning Choir Concert at Nikkei Home
Great singers and audience!
Various type of music, voice ensemble, duet and solo etc.
Happy to be back to the Nikkei Home, thank you for having us again!

Saturday July 25 2015 Afternoon Concert and Workshop "Opera Carmen" at Innocent Coffee
Afternoon concert for some solo singers, and we also had a workshop style rehearsal for the coming charity concert to be held on November 8th 2015. We will keep working on Opera Carmen. We look forward to seeing all our friends and families then!

 Everybody did a great job!
 Look at these beautiful smiley faces!
 Thank to Innocent Coffee for the bright space with nice art, and we enjoyed your drinks!
 I love to see these happy smiles on my singers face!
 For some singers, it was a debut concert. All did sing so well, I'm amazed!
 Some singers sang even better than usual, with passionate and fun.
 All photos are taken by Noriko Tidball's camera. Thank you, Noriko!
Why don't we have a photo of you?
My students always help, support, and inspire me. Thank you!
Happy singing! 
Thank you for the lovely afternoon!

Monday August 25 2015 Late Summer Concert at Tidall House

Sunday November 8 2015 The 5th Annual Charity Concert at West Point Grey United Church
 Thank you for your hard work, musicians!

Our Choir with Hiroki's pipe organ
Voice and piano by Kathy Fitzpatrick

Street boys choir from Bizet's opera "Carmen"
We couldn't have done this concert without your help, volunteers!

Sunday November 29 2015 Fundraising Concert at St Matthias & St Luke Anglican Church
Amazing grace and Schubert's Ave Maria (G Major)
Mezza Soprano - Ayako Komaki
Piano - Munekazu Shinya
This fundraising concert for Tonarigumi is in this web-news.

Thursday December 10 2015 Carolling at Vancouver General Hospital
Thank you for all your hard work!
We were not a choir group, but two "Quintet" groups ;)

Sunday December 13 2015 Christmas Concert at George Pearson Centre
Thank you, Pianists, Violinist, Singers and families!
Sunday December 13 2015 Carolling at Kiyuu-Kai Christmas Party
Thank you for having us!

Thank you for welcoming and cheering us!
Your big applause and smily faces were our fuel:)
Monday December 14:  Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce at Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
3minutes rehearsal(!)
Thrilled and fun night.

I had a call in this morning, and became an accompanist for Eve-Lyn.

Songs we performed for the evening; O Holy Night and O mio babbino

Thursday December 17:  Solo singing at the Cattleya chorus Christmas concert in Metrotown, Burnaby
It was very friendly atmosphere.  I appreciate their music director, Kuniko Naito, for kindly inviting me to sing solo.  All the members welcomed me.  The food afterwards was delicious!  Thank you!
Schubert "Ave Maria" in B flat Major
Mezzo Soprano - Ayako Komaki
Piano - Hiroko Shepard

Thursday December 24: Christmas Eve Service at the Vancouver-Japanese United Church