Saturday April 5 An Evening of Music

Vanessa Wong, Jonathan Tow, Natalia Myles, Mimi Ho and Ayako Komaki

Sunday April 6 Singer's party in the blossoming spring

Singers' Workshop / Party!

 Sunday May 4 May Salon Concert

Sunday August 31 Summer concert for pianists and singers

The concert venue was on the waterfront!
The Choir 2014

Sunday November 2 Annual Charity Concert 2014
This beautiful poster was created by Gucci.

We were delighted by these talented pianists in the first part of the concert!

We could not have this concert without help from volunteers: Natalia, Maria, Mitsuko, Keiko and Rei!
Baking and Drink sale organized by Chihiro, Rei,  Peter, Shiho, Gucci, Naomi and Greg! 
Erik Olson, music director of the West Point Grey United Church

Jonathan Tow and Vanessa Wong

The Choir, directed by Ayako Komaki
Kathy Fitzpatrick
Sylwia Karwowska
Heather Horwood
In the second half, we had these talented and brave singers, pianists, organist, flutist, violinist

Woodwind Quintet
I would like to give special thanks to our photographers and video recorders,  Philip, Chris, Masumi and Ken. I also would like to say thanks to Vanessa and Kathy who was our MC as well as being a performer! Thank you!

A big thank you to all performers, families and friends who came to the concert! Thank you for all your support! We had around 150 people at the church, and raised $1075. We donated the profit from the event to the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

This lovely programme was made by Natalia Myles

Opera Magic Flute
It was our largest performance of work from a single opera. Last year we performed work from "Hansel and Gretel", but only four short songs. This year we performed 7 big songs including piano interludes! All singers (singing students and choir members) had been practicing these songs since January. As you can imagine it is a huge project for singers to learn not only music but also gestures and lyrics. I would give them a rousing ovation for their superb performance and applaud their brave act!

Sunday December 7 Christmas Concert
We went back to the George Pearson Centre for this year's Christmas concert.
Thank you for coming and having us!
All performers and their families
Performers did a really good job for the concert. I appreciate their enthusiasm!

Thursday December 18   Carolling at Vancouver General Hospital 

6singers kept singing around 90minutes!

Tuesday December 30   All Baroque programme concert