Mar 18  2nd Benefit concert for the victims of Japanese Tohoku Earthquake at West Point Grey United Church

1. Mezzo Soprano - Ayako, Piano - Chihiro Honma
Giuseppe Giordani: Caro mio ben
Shinpei Nakayama: Sunayama
Richard Strauss: Zueignung
Richard Rodgers: You'll never walk alone

2. Classical Guitar - Eiichi Ishikawa and Michael Mao
Fernando Sor: Encouragement
Jorge Cardoso: Milonga
3. Violin - Viki Chen, Piano - YiQing Tang
Gang Chrn: Golden stove
4. Organ - Hiroki Uchino, Voices - Kathy Fitzpatrick and Ayako
Johann Bach: Jesus bleibet meine Freude BVW14
5. Violin - Cicely Nelson, Piano - YiQing Tang
Johanes Brahms: Violin Sonata no.1 in G Major 1st mvt.

6. Violin - Michelle Poon, Piano - Sunny Qu
Robert Schumann: Violin Sonata no.1 in A Minor 2nd, 3rd mvt.
7. Koto - Kozue Matsumoto and Yuriko Nariya
Tadao Sawai: Taka
Somei Ohtsuki: Sakura Bukyoku
8. Organ - Hiroki Uchino
Albert Malotte: The Lord's Prayer

Mar 31  Choir's Concert at Nikkei Home
Luigi Denza: Funiculi, funicula
Kosaku Yamada: Awate Dokoya
Gioachino Rossini: Prefhiera from "Mose"
Minoru Kainuma:  Mikanno Hana Sakuoka
Rentaro Taki: Kojo no tsuki
Shin Kusakawa: Dokokade Haruga
Francesco Cilea: Io sono l'umile ancella from "Adriana Lecouvreur"
Traditional: Sakura
Earkene Raentz: Alleluia Fanfare

Jun. 2  Piano students' concert with three teachers at Broadmoor Baptist Church

It is always my pleasure to have good pianists, Mimi and Vanessa, to accompany my singing!
Vincenzo Bellini: Dopo l'oscuro nembo
Giovanni Paisiello:  Chi vuol la Zingarella

I was really happy to see my students performances. All of my students are unique. One composed her own music, one arranges music, one is now playing Sonatas already even though he started learning piano only 3years ago. One practices on her own inititive, one started reading very tricky music very well!
(I hope my students can realize whom I am talking about..)

Jun. 30  Singer's Afternoon Concert at Yasutake House

 Each singer has different experience, a different skill level, repertoire, preferances. Of course, they each have different musical instruments (their voices)! This is why getting together and listening other singer's songs are very good for all of them. They might be inspired, influenced and encouraged!

I sung; accompanied by Masako on piano.

Henry Purcell: Ah! Belinda from "Dido and Aeneas"
Henry Purcell: Pursue thy conquest, Love from "Dido and Aeanes"
Henry Purcell: The Grove from "Dido and Aeanes"
Antonio Vivaldi: Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris from "Gloria"

Jul. 23 - Aug. 3  Master Class "The Compleat Singer"
The Compleat Singer is a Baroque Vocal pragramme, part of the Vancouver Early Music Programme. This programme includes master classes with Ellen Hargis, opera classes with gesture coach Steven Adby, and musicians such as Ray Nurse (Lute), Christopher Bagan (Harpshichord), and Michael Jarvis (Harpshichord). During the gesture classes, we studied the opera Henry Purcell's "Dido and Aeanes" and Marc-antoine Charpentier's "Le Misantrope".
During these two weeks, I was occupied with studying early music together with beautiful Lute and harpshichord. We had only 12 full participants, a lot of them are from US. I was the only local participant. They were really intense, high level classes and so much inspiration and thrill! I enjoyed it so much!

Aug. 21  Choir's party in Port Moody
In spite of the very short notice, 7 singers (the one missing is taking our photo!) and their friends could come during our summer break to Misao's place, with it's spectacular view of Port Moody. It was nice singing and eating together. Fun!

Nov. 24  Piano students' concert with three other teachers at Broadmoor Baptist Church
It was the debut concert for three of my students!
My voice performance with piano:

Franz Schubert: Der Lindenbaum
Richard Strauss: Schlechtes Wetter
We had so many cameras facing us!
Dec. 8 Christmas concert for all of my students (Voice, Piano and Choir)

This was our once a year event.  We have singers, pianists and choristers.

Some of my piano students also performed at our piano concert two weeks ago, but they learned NEW songs since then for tonight. It was big surprise for me - they have such bravery, patience and motivation!

I sang three Early Music songs with a guitar accompaniment by Eiichi Ishikawa.

Sigismondo d'India: Piangono al pianger mio
John Dowland: Flow my teares
Jose Marin: No piense Menguilla ya
Photo by Noriko Tidball
Dec. 10  Christmas Carolling (1/2) at Vancouver General Hospital
It was the first time we, The Choir, volunteered to go carolling. We sang on several floors of VGH. I'm not sure how many times we sang. (maybe 60 songs?) We're happy the people at the hospital welcomed us and enjoyed carols with us.

Well done singers!

Dec. 23 Christmas Carolling (2/2) at George Pearson Centre
This was the last carolling volunteer for our choir group. 10 of us sang carolls at the centre. We appreciated those patients, their families and staffs welcomed us and enjoyed our singing!