The 9th Annual Charity Concert

It was a great show on Saturday November 23 2019 at the Unitarian Church. We were grateful we had over one hundred people come to the event. We appreciate all the hard work from the musicians, all the help from the volunteers and the contribution from the audience, especially because of the fact that the concert had to be rescheduled due to the unexpected cancellation by the original venue.

This was our first performance in this bright church. We definitely recognized the beauty of the venue, and the acoustics, particularly, was fantastic! So we have already booked this venue for our next charity concert in 2020.

Please save the date: Sunday November 15 2020.

Photos from this event:
Pianists - Part One

Koto Ensemble!

All Ensemble Groups!

Joint Choir!

Joint Choir!

Apple Choir!


Pianists - Part Two

Photo Credit: Noriko Tidball

The total amount raised in this concert is $1,403. We are actually expecting more donations to come, so when the final amount is in, we will update here with the total donated to the Sarah McLachlan School of Music.