Our choir's article is posted!

On the 30th of the January 2017, this article about our Apple Choir is posted to Kerrisdale Playbook! 
I love this cute logo of our Apple Choir, Keiko Honda designed.

Keiko, VACS’ president, believes that the ensemble, Apple Choir, led by Ayako Komakimight serve as an excellent model for the Musical Voice Lab in the coming year. Her ensemble has performed at the Opera Zone several times and met with great success. Ayako is a phenomenal singer and pianist herself, who knows, from personal experience, that musical groups are an effective means of connecting with others. Having moved from Japan to the United Kingdom, and then to Vancouver, Ayako has found music to be a channel that allows her to make genuine connections with people, despite language barriers. In addition to making connections, Ayako has observed in her ensembles the power of music to break through the biases people have about their abilities. As a long time teacher of music, she has found that her student’s voices are always bigger than they think and that there is always hidden potential to be discovered, regardless of the limitations her students place on themselves. It is an important part of the learning process to break through those perceived limitations and have the courage to perform. Ayako’s ensemble has achieved this through participation at the Opera Zone. Keiko believes that the experience of Ayako’s ensemble can be an inspiration for the Musical Voice Lab, as participants begin to feel comfortable with their voices and proud to share the talent that they have built. 

Writer: Jamie Zabel